About Revolt

Who We Are

Revolt Ventures is a venture capital and growth equity firm investing in the convergence of real estate, retail, technology and media.

Our strategic partner, Meyer Bergman (MB), is a preeminent owner of real estate in the UK, continental Europe, and the USA. MB has a long history of investing in iconic retail assets – from Paris to London to NYC to Los Angeles – with unparalleled knowledge of creating unique, experience-driven destinations.

Technology enables us to interact with real estate in fundamentally different ways – changing how people identify, evaluate and interact with products and buildings. At Revolt, we are passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs inspiring this change.

Revolt leverages MB’s offline expertise and provides capital, strategic advice, and commercial opportunities for emerging companies seeking to reinvent the retail and real estate industries.

How We Add Value


Leverage MB’s retail, residential, and logistical expertise to support entrepreneurs as they refine go-to-market and scaling strategies.


Provide access to MB’s deep and supportive real estate, retail and investor network.


MB’s worldwide portfolio provides sales opportunities and quick feedback loops for products, and access to a variety of stakeholders.


With offices in NY, LA, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Oslo, MB has a global presence, providing a launchpad for international expansion.

What We Look For

We invest between €500k and €10m in Seed through Series B rounds in technology and operating companies informing and disrupting the real estate, retail and other consumer-facing sectors. We evaluate potential investment targets across three core value propositions:


Technology will continue to increase the efficiency and transparency of the retail and real estate industries. Within both sectors, Revolt invests in innovative companies that enable the delivery of quality products more quickly, at a lower cost, and with greater variety.


Consumers are increasingly demanding differentiated experiences that are “instagrammable” and representative of a certain lifestyle. We expect an emergence of these concepts that are aspirational, people-centric, and immersive.


Through MB’s heritage of creating experiential retail destinations, we have developed a rich understanding of what customers value. The onset of technology has increased consumer expectations, placing more emphasis on outstanding product quality. Revolt believes that this trend will continue with people will demand higher quality products – whether offline or online. We are particularly interested in personalisation, efficient pricing, and targeted media.